• HPL Laminates- American Countertops offers the latest in colors & designs of all major brands of laminates- “Wilson Art”, “Formica Brand”, “Pionite”, “Nevamar”, and “LaminArt”.
  • Solid Color Core Laminates- Wilson Art “SOLICOR” & Formica “COLOR CORE” Laminates with the solid slab look!
  • Metal Laminates- Wilson Art “Metals”, Formica “Metals”, and “CHEMETAL” Brands.
  • Custom Butcher Block- Island Tops- American Countertops can fabricate and build any size and thickness of Island Butcher Blocks using Maple, Red or White Oak, Pecan, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, or exotic woods such as Zebrawood.
  • Leather Wall Products- Install the latest warm designs of Formica “Deco Leather” recycled leather veneer products. “Deco Leather” is available in 3 different textures- Walrus, Buffalo, and Crocodile.
  • Cork Board- American Countertops also offers Claridge Commercial Cork Products for wall covering and backsplashes. This durable, easy to clean, heavy duty cork product comes in 15 different vibrant colors, and looks great on any wall or backsplash!
  • Color Rite Caulks- Silicone/Acrylic color-match caulks to match any colors of your project. Easy to apply, flexible, and is completely water proof once it cures. If you have a laminate color sample, we can order the caulk to match!
  • Commercial Grade Contact Cements- American Countertops not only stocks, but also uses, “Weldwood” (Commercial Grade) Contact Cements for those jobs that need a permanent installation. We have used this product for over 38 years now. (This is the very best quality contact adhesive on the market!)
"Wilson Art" Y0236 Retro Mint Laminate with aluminum retro edge.
Diamond Shape Natural wet bar back splash.
"Wilson Art" Y0236 Retro Mint Laminate with aluminum retro edge.
Custom Fabricated Zebrawood Butcher Block Island.